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Back in to the hubbub of the city today. A quick jog-ette (run/walk 2:1 with a couple of cheeky wee 3:1’s thrown in) round the locale for Janathon day 12, and I know I am well and truly home. I do love it here, but it was great to be away.

I enjoyed walking along the river while I was away, so today I ran along the Water of Leith for a bit while I was pondering.

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The other side of the line

Probably my second favourite book of 2013 was a memoir by an American Lutheran pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber. In one of the passages I liked best she wrote about how she likes to “box” things: X is good. Y is bad. I like to do that too; it makes life easier if I can categorise things neatly.

But then she talked about why the categorisation habit is a problem. She said that a friend pointed out to her that: Read more