The morning after the morning after

The picture is from Sunday morning, early doors. A turnout of, I reckon, 500-odd at the early morning ecumenical service. Not bad for a town this size, imho. And Easter day would have been a brilliant moment to start blogging again, I guess. Except… I didn’t. I spent the morning in a gloriously decorated church with wonderful musicians and heart-lifting worship, the afternoon at a wonderful Easter lunch and the evening in a delighted but exhausted heap.

Perhaps today’s a slightly less auspicious time to start again… 2 days after resurrection day, when Easter doldrums might threaten. On one level it smacks a bit of missing the boat, somehow. Maybe it would have been better to burst back into the virtual world with an Easter Alleluia?

Well, perhaps. But then again, just as Christmas only begins on Christmas day, so Easter only begins on Easter Sunday. We get to celebrate all the way to Pentecost! So the Tuesday of Easter week shouldn’t be so much the come down after a party as a settling into a mega-celebration.

One way or the other,  Easter Day has never been a day after which life should just go back to normal. I mean, what does “normal” look like after the resurrection?! For the disciples, nothing was ever going to be the same again… If it wasn’t enough that Jesus had been killed in the most brutal way possible, the almost incredible events of that first Easter Sunday left them all with plenty of food for thought. Some were skeptical initially when they heard what had happened. You can’t blame them really. Confusing  doesn’t really cover it, does it?

So maybe this isn’t such a bad time to get back to blogging – which for me is often about mulling things over as I try to listen for and watch to see where God is in them.

It’s almost a year since I last posted here. Lots of people seem to take a break from blogging when they first become ministers, and often if they return to it they do so in quite different form. That doesn’t seem right for me: I felt like taking a break, and I felt like coming “back”,  but as best I can tell I’m still me. The twists and turns of life are no more or less normal than ever they were, so this is still where my blogging will happen. I’ve had a bit of a clean out – only a select few earlier posts have made the cull, on a whim. So I suppose there’s still an element of “spring cleaning” about it, but not much… As any of you who know me will know, I’m not very house-proud!

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