The Book of Jonah, Pt 1

Jonah and the WhaleThe Book of Jonah, Pt 1:

In Which Jonah Does Something Very Sensible.

During June at St Anne’s we’re taking part in the Methodist Church’s Bible Month, where churches are encouraged to spend a month studying a whole book of the bible together.

This year we’re reading Jonah…  which isn’t too big an ask, since it’s only a couple of pages long. In fact you might ask how we could possibly talk about Jonah for 4 weeks?!

Turns out it’s going to be quite easy, though.  Coz if you think Jonah’s just a children’s morality tale, you may have been missing something…

You’re welcome to listen in. If you’re around Dunbar there are also bible notes available  and an informal discussion group held at St Anne’s Church on Thursdays from 11-12.

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