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We need to talk about death

A guest blog I wrote for the Anglican Communion News Service (click on image to read)

Lent: Pruning & New Life

A few months ago someone gave me a miniature rose plant. It was very kind of them, and very pretty! Unfortunately though, I’m terrible with plants. Within weeks, the leaves went greyish, brownish and crispy. Dead, in short. I almost threw it out, but I’m also not very tidy, so for weeks it sat in my kitchen looking…

Sacred space

There’s something about cathedrals that has begun to draw me in over the last couple of years. So while I was holidaying within an hour’s drive of Exeter recently, I ended up having a look round the cathedral there. At the risk of a sweeping statement, Cathedrals in England seem somehow to “do” being Cathedrals better than…