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The other 6 days of the week

While I was visiting friends this weekend, a few people quizzed me about the mystery life of a curate. We all know ministers work on Sundays, but what about the other six days of the week?  You know, all those days off…

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Migration and hope

The tv keeps showing us disturbing images of crowds of people, at border crossings and worse. Migration into Europe is a “crisis”, the radio says. “But what about the people?”, I want to fire back. As politicians wrangle, aren’t we losing sight of the fact that real people – our fellow human beings – are caught up in this mess?

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On Shepherding

What does it mean to be a shepherd? Different things to different people, no doubt. It’s context dependent, for one: Where are you? What is the land like? The climate? Do you (or can you) belong here? Do (or can) your flock? A shepherd will need to know, and will constantly be learning about, the land on which they’re working, as well as the land around them and its inhabitants.

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I am thinking about onions. In fact, this morning I spent quite some time reading about them, too. Robert Farrar Capon’s “The Supper of the Lamb” spends fully 8 or 9 pages just talking a reader through sitting down with, observing, cutting and squashing the juice out of an onion. Strange, but true. True, also, is that if you do it, you are likely to come away changed.

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